The Chosen Ones – heading your way

Hi Every one,

It’s that time of the year when our special ‘Chosen Ones’ nectarines are hitting the stores.  We have spent lots of time, as always, making sure that the fruit we share is the most delicious tasting fruit around.

Remember, this summer, if you want to take the headache or disappointment out of selecting good nectarines, then look for The Chosen Ones brand.  That brand is my promise and commitment, that I’ve done the best I can to select only the best for you.  The Chosen Ones are available in leading greengrocers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

2 thoughts on “The Chosen Ones – heading your way

  1. Hi Jason & Joanne, we received a box of your Gold Nectarines as a thank you gift and they were truly sensational. Do you have any distributors/suppliers around the Doncaster / Donvale/ Templestowe or even Mulgrave areas in Victoria please. Would certainly love to purchase more to share with family and friends. Great work and congratulations to you and your family on producing such wonderful tasting fruit! Thank you !


    • Hi Bronny,
      I am not sure who all our Melbourne retailers are, however they should be at all the really good independent shops. Otherwise ask them to source or ask for them at the Melbourne wholesale market as we are still picking and selling.


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