Busy Picking

We have certainly been busy picking yummy nectarines before Christmas.  Lots of hard work goes into ensuring that we only pick the best fruit for people to eat.  The pictures below are just a sample of what we have been picking in our orchards.  Our pickers love eating these Nectarines, its hard work getting everything picked  as our workers are all too busy enjoying the fruits of our labour.

15 1324 QFM Fruits 0103 15 1324 QFM Fruits 0095 15 1324 QFM Fruits 0036

At the Chosen Ones, our moto is: Perfectly picked for flavour.  We are confident to put that on our box because I know just how much hard work I do….to do exactly that, ensure only our best tasting varieties are picked perfectly.  It is not easy, but we think it’s worth it.  So look for the Chosen Ones at leading greengrocers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.


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