New Variety – Yellow nectarine

Hello everyone who is reading this site.  below are some photos of a fantastic eating yellow nectarine that we are growing.  We are putting these in our brand ‘The Chosen one’.  This brand is dedicated to some of the new varieties that I have selected for our growers to grow.  It is large with a nice dark red colour and speckling to indicate that it is sweet.   You will see on some of the photos some white speckling.  Growers see this and know that the fruit is high in sugar.  You guys should be aware of this as well!

Sometimes the prettiest fruit is not always the sweetest or ripest.  As a grower when I go to my packing shed or the fruit bin in the orchard, I sometimes pick out the ugliest piece of fruit which may have lots of the speckling on it.  Why?  because it is always sweet and wonderful to eat.

We all know the adage, don’t judge a book by its cover.  Well in this case it can be true for fruit.   I select for flavour first!  I don’t want it to just look pretty, I want to take a bite and have the juices savour in my mouth for another bite.   Yummy!!


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